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Since 1981, we have been providing professional quality music for all styles of events. In our
many years of experience , we have become a reliable, dependable good old fashioned
customer friendly business. That really cares about our customers. In fact our DJs & MCs
combined have over 170 years experience of performing at
events just like yours. We have become specialists in all
phases event coordination.

What Sets Us Above All The Rest

Anyone can buy music and equipment, but they cannot buy
integrity, personality or experience. Our Djs always arrive on
time, dressed appropriately and will work with your other service providers to make sure that
your event goes smoothly.

Memories by Candlelight Djs uses high quality Computerized Performance Music Systems and
features over 50,000 songs in an all digital music library, for a state of the art entertainment
system. We use these systems for one reason. They allow us to find music easier and quicker.
Pulling up requests takes mere seconds to accomplish, allowing your DJ more time to focus on
you an your guests. After all , that is what it's all about. Creating awesome memories for you
and your guests, a party that you will never forget.

On time, attired how you specify, following your wishes, taking requests and with one goal in
mind. You and your guests having an awesome time. So on your special day, don't settle for
less than the absolute BEST. Don't settle for anything less than
Memories by Candlelight

A Brief History of Our Name

Originally our company name was A Buck O Five Djs. That was a nickname given to the owner
of our company Larry, by a few of the regulars at a bar he used to perform at. They all had
sizeable beer-bellies... The running joke on Larry , was that he was
so "skinny" compared to them, that he was lucky if he weighed " A
Buck O Five and not a penny more". In other words, they were
saying he weighed 105 lbs at most. A slang term I suppose. To tell
the truth he weighed a little more than that then, and a little more
than that now. Obviously, the name stuck and the rest is history.

After over 15 yrs of highlighting our "Romantic Candlelight on the
Bride and Grooms first dance" (see our weddings page for more
info on this) We were told by so many people how special that dance
was for them and how they will never forget the "Candlelight Dance"

We decided to change our wedding divisions name to reflect that
dance. So we became
Memories by Candlelight DJs. The name
A Buck O Five DJs will remain the name of our parties/other events division. But everything
related to weddings will be handled in the utmost of Elegance and Style, that only can be
delivered by  
Memories by Candlelight DJs