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Romantic Candlelight on First Dance

The Romantic Candlelight First Dance is one very
special memory that you will never forget. It is one
of our Signature Wedding Events.

Imagine your Bridal Party assembled in a semi circle
behind you on the dance floor, holding candlelight and
smiling back at you, creating a beautiful backdrop on
your First Dance. This dance will take your breathe
away, as time stands still. Your pictures and videos will
capture this magical moment. You will receive many
nice compliments from your guests. You will remember
this perfect romantic moment for the rest of your life.

The Anniversary Dance

This dance is a great ice breaker to involve some of those guests that don't dance much. We will
bring all of the married couple out to the dance floor to share one dance with you, our newest
married couple. We will play a slow song, then start counting through the years beginning at 1yr,
2yrs, 3yrs etc. When we say the years that each couple have been married they proceed to move
to the edges of the dance floor. Leaving the middle for everyone married longer than them, and
you of course. The dance will end with the newest (you) and longest married couples in the middle
together. Often the longest married couple is someone very special such as Grandparents,
Parents etc. We hope that sharing the dance floor with so many years of marriage, some of that
good luck will rub off on you. Once you have these guests up dancing, we will try our best to keep
them dancing all night.

Elegant Weddings & Receptions

Your wedding day is a special time that should be all about you, your love and your partner. It will
be one of the most important, memorable milestones in your life and the lives of your family as well
as well as friends. A whirlwind of blurring activities and days that lead up to culminating in one
special day. Your day, in which you profess to the world your love for each other. Memories by
Candlelight DJs understands that you will pour your heart and soul into this one very special day.

With so much of your precious time, efforts and money invested into this one special day. You do
not want to trust the success of this day on just anybody. You want someone with a proven track
record of success, is talented and knows what they are doing. You need a professional that will
listen to your concerns, ideas and answer your questions. Memories by Candlelight DJs is there
for you every step of the way. Do not settle for anything less, because the bitterness of lackluster
service remains long after the sweetness of finding a cheap unqualified DJ.

Do Not Cheat Yourself...

"The right Disc Jockey is the single most important factor, for a successful reception. Period !!! "
-Bridal Guide Magazine

More than any other aspect of your wedding day, your entertainment choice will be the deciding
factor when you and your guests look back on your special day, whether it is remembered as a
great time or a flop. Memories by Candlelight DJs take the necessary steps before your wedding
day to insure that all of your desires are listened to and performs above all your expectations
during your Ceremony and Reception

Your Guests Deserve The Very Best, Give Them Success Give Them
     Memories by Candlelight DJs